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Peerceptiv®, the research-validated peer assessment technology, improves writing and critical thinking skills by engaging students in the role of the teacher.  Peerceptiv automatically scales no matter how many students there are, allowing instructors to more easily assign the tasks that build these skills. Peer assessment using Peerceptiv works in the classroom or online, and makes assessment part of the learning process itself.

Peerceptiv uses accountability and analytics to ensure consistently high learning outcomes…

  • Peerceptiv Holds Students Accountable – Students have to apply themselves in the review phase, which research has shown is the key to effective peer assessment for both the receiver and giver of feedback.
  • Peerceptiv Generates Instructor Analytics – Only Peerceptiv generates the data to confirm for instructors that learning objectives are being met, identify students in need of intervention, and provide guidance on rubric improvement.

Peerceptiv’s design and outcomes are the result of a decade of research at the University of Pittsburgh, validating that feedback from multiple peers is more reliable and just as valid as from a single expert instructor.  Peerceptiv has been used all over the world in some of the top institutions of higher education, and in a growing number of secondary schools.

Most important, students benefit from the learning value of critiquing the work of one’s peers.   You don’t know a subject until you try to teach it, and many studies have confirmed the learning benefit in participating on the ‘giving’ side of the feedback loop.

Peerceptiv is a cloud-based, double-blind student peer-to-peer student assessment system, with no software to download or servers to support.  Students upload their assignments into Peerceptiv, which automatically and anonymously assigns the document to from 3 to 6 of the student’s classmates.  Peerceptiv supports writing across the curriculum, and is equally effective for presentations, videos, art projects, business plans, legal briefs, and any other task requiring formative feedback.

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