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August 2016

Shared Assignment Library
Peerceptiv has released a major new feature, the Share Assignment Library. This library of instructor-created assignments includes full assignment descriptions and rubrics. Instructors can use this library to share their own assignments with others and view, copy, or adjust existing assignments for their own use. The Shared Assignment Library makes assignment creation easier and faster, and it will guide you to assignments that generate the best learning outcomes

Instructors who opt into the Shared Assignment Library can use the Explore page of the Assignment menu to …

  • Search shared writing assignments by keyword
  • Share their own assignments and rubrics, either with identifying information (instructor name and school) or anonymously
  • View writing assignments and rubrics from across the curriculum
  • See assignment ratings sorted by the quality of student reviews produced by the assignment
  • Copy whole assignments and individual assignment elements to their own courses

The Shared Assignment Library will continue to grow as more instructors opt into this feature. You can use the library to search for content in your specific field or to explore high-rated content from any field to design your own assignment. Consider opting in to see what is available and to grow this resource.

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