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Peerceptiv improves writing and critical thinking skills through research-validated peer assessment, enhancing learning by engaging students in the role of teacher to their peers. Using Peerceptiv makes assessment part of the learning process, engaging students as active learners and making it easier for instructors to assign and manage the tasks that build these skills. The algorithms and analytics that hold students accountable and validate learning outcomes have been refined over a decade of research at the University of Pittsburgh.

Getting Started with Peerceptiv

Most instructors use Peerceptiv directly in the web application. All students and instructors in the course will access Peerceptiv on this Login page.

Please use the Help menu within Peerceptiv to access additional Help materials.

Getting Started with Peerceptiv in your Learning Management System

If Peerceptiv is already available as an external tool within your Learning Management System (LMS) on your campus, please ensure that you and your students always access Peerceptiv through your LMS, rather than Peerceptiv’s website. This is essential for the smooth operation of the course and Peerceptiv’s integrated features, like automatic gradebook pass-back.

The process of creating Peerceptiv assignments in your course is unique to each LMS and school. If this is your first time using Peerceptiv, please contact your school’s instructional technology support team for specific instructions for your university or After you get started, this process in your LMS will be simple and further guidance won’t be necessary. Please use the Help menu within Peerceptiv to access additional Help materials.

Using Peerceptiv in an LMS offers the following benefits: auto-population of students into the course, easy document management for instructors and students in the LMS, and automatic pass-back of overall assignment grades into the LMS gradebook.

If you are interested in learning more about using Peerceptiv as an external tool within your learning system, please contact The Peerceptiv team will work with the instructional technology team at your institution to set this up for campus-wide applications.

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