Recommended Default Settings

Follow these 3 recommendations for configuring your first Peerceptiv assignment. Keep the process simple for your first assignment and set a strong baseline for the rest of the semester.

  1. Use the Assigned one-at-a-time Reviewing Style:  The Assigned one-at-a-time Reviewing Style is the default document distribution setting. This Reviewing Style allows for the automatic distribution of student documents and requires less instructor input for assignment administration. When you select the Assigned one-at-a-time Reviewing Style, students will pull documents from a stack of available documents to review on demand. This Reviewing Style also allows for student late submissions (with the daily late penalty of the instructor’s choosing) and easily assigns these late submissions to reviewers without instructor intervention.
  2. Select 4 as the Number of Reviewers: When getting started, we recommend selecting 4 as the Number of Reviewers and adjusting this number on future assignments based on analytics generated regarding the effectiveness of that assignment. If you are unsatisfied with your Reviewing Dimensions’ Reliability Ratings after your first assignment, you can increase the number or reviewers in addition to adjusting your rubrics. If you are satisfied with your Reliability Ratings, number of submitted reviews, and other assignment statistics, you might consider retaining 4 as the Number of Reviewers or attempting to only require 3 reviews per document.
  3. Begin with the Regular/Individual Submission Type: Peerceptiv allows for the Regular/Individual Submission, Group Assignment, and Training Assignment Types. The Regular/Individual Submission type will give you the best sense of the Peerceptiv process. In an Individual Submission assignment, each student submits their own document and then receives peer documents for review. In a group Peerceptiv assignment, any individual from the group can submit the group’s document. The reviewing process is an individual process, while the back-evaluation process is a group effort. Training assignments allow students to become acquainted with the assignment rubrics and reviewing in Peerceptiv. In training assignments, instructors upload sample documents and all students review those assigned documents.

As you setup your first Peerceptiv assignment, please reach out to with any questions.

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