Pricing Plans

Peerceptiv offers a number of convenient pricing plans for schools, students, and instructors.

Campus-wide License

Peerceptiv improves learning across the curriculum. Peerceptiv develops writing, critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills in the English language arts, the social sciences, the hard sciences, history & civics, engineering, business, and a wide variety of other subjects. Peerceptiv isn’t just about learning to write, it’s about writing to learn. Peerceptiv scales naturally no matter how many students there are, what the subject is, or whether in-person or online.  Please contact Peerceptiv for more information and a custom proposal for a campus-wide license at your K-12 or post-secondary institution.

Student Purchase Plan

Peerceptiv offers a Student Purchase option for applications requiring student engagement and scalable learning, but without having to secure funding approval.  When instructors select the Student Purchase option students are directed to the Peerceptiv secure payment portal when they first join that course.  The cost during the 2017-18 academic year is $8.25/enrollment seat.  For the cost of a visit to Starbucks, instructors can engage their students and assign as many formative feedback tasks as desired in classrooms of all sizes.  Student Purchase operates the same regardless whether Peerceptiv is used directly or configured with a Learning Management System via the LTI interface.

Faculty & Department Pack Licenses

Instructors may purchase Faculty Pack licenses online. Pricing is based on the number of seats purchased, with one seat equal to one student in one course. Instructors decide how many seats they need for all courses when creating their first course in Peerceptiv, and are directed to the Peerceptiv secure payment page for credit card purchase. As each student registers for a course, one seat is debited from the instructor’s account.  There is no limit on the number of assignments within each course that may be given.  Additional seats may be added at any time, and there is no expiration on seats in the account.  Unused seats may be used in any subsequent semester.

An instructor may share his seats with other members of the faculty to create a Department Pack, and take advantage of a lower price per seat. Seats may be shared at any time by sending an email with the instructor’s names and email addresses to

Faculty Pack Pricing for 2017-18 Academic Year

– Purchase of a Peerceptiv Faculty Pack may easily be done online using the secure payment portal. Seats will automatically be fulfilled to your account. Simply create and enter your Peerceptiv account, click on the User Profile menu option, and select Purchase Seats. Follow the instructions for the number of seats you wish to purchase. The more seats purchased, the lower the price per seat:

Number of Seats  License Fee Price/Seat
Faculty Pack or Department PackInstructors can share seats with other faculty. Contact Peerceptiv Support for more information. Licenses 25 $187.50 $7.50
50 $350.00 $7.00
75 $502.50 $6.70
100 $640.00 $6.40
150 $930.00  $6.20
200 $1,200.00  $6.00

Often a school or department administrator will purchase the license for the benefit of the faculty member or department. If you’re an administrator and wish to purchase seats for an instructor, please ask the instructor to create an account, enter that account using the instructor’s login info, and follow the directions above. If you have any questions, please contact

Peerceptiv Cancellation/Refund Policy

Unless specified elsewhere, Peerceptiv will provide a refund to purchasers if (1) no assignments have taken place in that account and within 30 days of purchase, or (2) assignments have taken place in that account and within 7 days of purchase.   Notification that a customer wishes to cancel a license must be received by email at within the specified period. Refunds will be issued in the same form payment was made. Please allow 5 business days for processing.

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