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Everyone at Peerceptiv is dedicated to the improvement of learning outcomes through collaboration and innovation. Peerceptiv® improves writing and critical thinking skills through research-validated peer assessment, engages students in the role of teacher to their classmates, and makes it easier for instructors to assign the tasks that build these skills. Peerceptiv is used in many of the top universities around the world as well as in a growing number of secondary schools.

Peerceptiv was developed over a decade of research at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center, one of the leading interdisciplinary research centers in the country dedicated to the science of learning.


Mark Limbach

Mark Limbach – CEO

Mark was Director of Business Development for Fidelity Flight Simulation from 2000-2011, responsible for all business development, marketing and sales for Fidelity’s simulation and training products. He was founder and CEO of software quality assurance firm AccuWare Inc., and had business development consulting roles with Semco (acquired by Flakt Woods) and WiseWire (acquired by Lycos.)

Christian Schunn

Christian D. Schunn – Scientific Advisor

Dr. Schunn is the creator of Peerceptiv. He earned his MS & PhD in Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and is currently a Senior Scientist at the University of Pittsburgh Learning Research & Development Center, as well as a Professor of Psychology, Intelligent Systems, and Learning Sciences. He has been the recipient of over $70M in external grants. Areas of study in addition to web-based interaction & peer review include STEM reasoning & learning, engagement & learning, and the neuroscience of complex learning.

William Rooney

William F. Rooney – VP & CFO

Bill is a thirty year C-Level executive, having held various sales and marketing positions in the international telecommunications industry. He is an active investor and serves on boards of several technology-based companies. In 1998 he was a founding partner of the Western Pennsylvania Adventure Capital Fund (WPACF), consisting of over 175 angel investors.

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