Engage Students & Scale Learning

Peerceptiv is research-validated peer assessment, engaging your students as active learners and allowing you to more easily assign the tasks that build writing and critical thinking skills.  Peerceptiv scales naturally no matter how many students there are, what the subject is, or whether in the classroom or online.

Hold Students Accountable

Research has shown that peer assessment works when students are motivated to apply themselves in the review phase, in the role of teacher to their classmates. Our grading algorithms compel students to offer their classmates helpful, detailed, and specific feedback. Double-blind anonymity is just one way Peerceptiv eliminates peer bias and encourages a positive, productive feedback loop.

Instructor Analytics 

Instructors benefit from a wide range of analytics to verify learning outcomes, quickly identify students in need of intervention, and guide the instructor in rubric improvement over time.  The Peerceptiv Reliability Rating is the key metric in the Shared Assignment Library, designed to make assignment creation easier and guide the instructor to high outcome peer assessment.

Deep Experience with LTI Integration

Peerceptiv has years of experience with learning management system integration for schools that wish to manage all assignment activities from within the LMS. Benefits include automatic registration of students into Peerceptiv and automatic passback of the overall grade into the LMS gradebook. Peerceptiv is configurable with all major learning management systems.

Serving Top Universities and Secondary Schools

Peerceptiv is in use in a wide range of universities, colleges, and K-12 schools around the world. Whether your students are learning to write in K-12 or writing to learn in higher education, peer assessment using Peerceptiv promotes writing across the curriculum and helps build essential critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills.

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